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Bellastoma as a dental practice was established in October 2006 in a building in ul. Matejki 63 in Toruń. In response to the growing interest in our institution and above all for the sake of quality of service, and the comfort and convenience of our patients, we decided to move our practice in March 2012.

Currently, Bellastoma occupies the second floor of the building Dom Zdrowia (House of Health) at ul. Szosa Chełmińska 84-86 in Toruń. In a large area, there are six modern dental surgeries, fully equipped with medical equipment and materials.

In a separate part of our clinic we have created a specialized treatment unit which houses an operating theatre with adjoining rooms where patients undergo preparation and can have a rest. The theatre makes the conducting of complex surgical and implantological procedures possible, also with full general anaesthesia.

We give priority to the high quality and comprehensiveness of our services which range from diagnosis to prevention, conservative treatment, aesthetic dentistry, and implantology.

Our passion is keeping up with the latest trends, with particular emphasis on the aesthetics of the teeth. Dentists working in our practice are highly qualified specialists in their fields; they are continuously improving their practice at various courses in Poland and abroad, especially at Dr. Maciej Żarow's clinic in Kraków. We work closely with the AKD GmbH clinic in Vienna. In addition, we have a world-renowned specialist Dr. Waldemar Festenburg who comes to us as a consultant in the field of implantology.

In the interests of your safety and the quality of our service we have separate diagnostic labs where, in addition to digital cameras for taking panoramic and intraoral pictures, there is also a computer tomograph. It is a state-of the art diagnostic camera featuring the most accurate imaging technique.

We invite you to avail yourselves of our services.

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